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What a pair of chic shoes

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Check out these trendy NaNa-Awol Tivon leather clogs and ballerina flats from What A Pair! I love the designs of these shoes especially the little details, like the embroidery and rhine stones on the clogs, and the chiffon weaved along the edge and tied in a bow at the side of the ballet flats. Real cuties!

Best shoes for mini skirts

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click on the image from Life & Style Weekly to enlarge

If you’re going to flaunt your legs in your miniskirts, make sure you’re also flaunting them in the right shoes. 

That’s right!  Show off those sexy legs in miniskirts and sky-high platforms like Victoria Beckham’s 6″ Giambattista lookalike, Espadrille wedges or ankle strap stiletto dress sandals and you’re guaranteed to turn heads, especially if you have nice legs.  Or if you don’t like heels, you can always pair off with gladiator sandals to look cool and stylish.

Great Etsy buys over the weekends

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I know I’ve written about Etsy being a great online marketplace for all handmade artsy bags, accessories, jewelries, clothings and many more.  Today I just want to highlight something I’ve just found out; that it’s even better to shop at Etsy during the weekends, particularly during Saturday nights. 

This is because many of the sellers run the Saturday Night Specials where their merchandise go for quite a massive discount.  In fact, some of the sales start from Friday, with sellers running Friday Happy Hour sale.  Whoo hoo!  I was really happy to score some good buys over this weekend due to these specials.

Unbuckle with Harveys Seatbeltbag

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I wasn’t terribly excited by what I saw at Epitome when they opened their doors sometime in March.  Perhaps it was the range or maybe I just wasn’t in the frame of mind at that time. But when I read about Imp’s recent spree, I decided to take another look at them today.

Again, their clothes didn’t get my attention but their bags did this time.  They’ve brought in a new range - Harveys Seatbeltbag – literally made from seat belts!  How cool is that?  They’re really very sturdy looking complete with quality finishing.  Rather heavy too.