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Handmade Julz graphic jewelry

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You’ll love these contemporary artistic jewelry pieces from Handmade Julz.  Because I certainly do.  Rings, bracelets and necklaces made with modernized wiring that encases a shiny planet of glass to reveal a unique graphic design.  

As the artist Julz said, wearing her designs bring across something unique and special about the individual as each of her piece is customized and handmade with so much detail, emotion and intention. 

So if you’re looking to express yourself differently in what you wear, then these unique handmade julz will help mark you apart from the crowd.

Fringe bags for bohemian chic

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Bohemian chic is in again.  And if you’re a fashionista, then you gotta be carrying one of these satchel bags or hobos dripping with slithers of suede all over. 

Fringe bags these are called and and they give a whiff of hippie-ness if the combination is right.  That is, if the strings on the bag don’t get in your way and make you look like a messy Miss Shaggy. 

Novica handmade jewelries

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My order of handmade jewelries of semi-precious stones from Novica Novica handmade jewelries arrived today.  Colorful Comet, a quartzite and rose quartz necklace made by Anusara and Flight, a peridot choker of butterfly design made by Busarin. 

Those who have read my personal blog recently would realised that these are free for me, courtesy of Novica, in exchange for some linky love here.  But those who have read Viva Woman right at its birth would have realised that my love for Novica’s jewelries dated back to November last year when I wrote about a cool blue turquoise cuff bracelet designed and handmade by Anusara Konkam.  I have always wanted to get one of her pieces and I’m really thankful to Novica for extending me a complimentary voucher to promote their exquisitely designed handmade jewelries. 

Lazy Susan cupcake couture

450434482 2242fec853 m Lazy Susan cupcake couture

Aren’t these cupcakes too pretty to be eaten?  Why they are. 

Handmade by Lazy Susan, who are really two food-fanatical, confection-crazy craftsters who hail from Singapore, these totally cute kitschy one-of-a-kind treats are to be worn! 

Yes!  Wear unique cupcakes, gingerbread men, sushi, dim sum and even ice creams made of felt with pretty embellishments of beads, sequins, buttons, lace and ribbons as brooches or have them made into hair pins, hair clips, necklaces, charm bracelets, or even sewn as appliques onto handmade purses.