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Spotlight: flip flops galore

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I love flip flops.  In fact I just bought 2 pairs for a steal over the weekend.  Not branded but the designs are cute nonetheless.   But if you’re in the market looking for the latest Havaianas or Braziliano Praia’s, then you will have to head over to the NUMflipflops which carries the latest designs. 

While you’re there, also check out their cute range of Braziliano Praia Kitten Heels, probably the first ever heeled flip flops.   Softer and more flexible than conventional heels, those flip flops come in a great variety of colors and designs.

Indie shopping at Modishoppe

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If you like all things handmade, you gotta check out this spanking new Modishoppe

I was really glad to have stumbled upon Jena’s indie shopping blog, and to find out about this e-boutique which houses a collection of handmade goods made by some incredible independent designers.

Check out the accessories, the apparels, the jewelries, the bags, the home and paper goods.  Some of them are gorgeously boho chic.  I love them!

And yesh, they do ship international!

Gold coin jewelries

441341735 7adcb9cda1 m Gold coin jewelries

How do you feel about wearing gold coin jewelries?  During my wedding, one of my brothers gave me a huge gold coin pendant.  It must have been costly but I felt like I was wearing a medallion.  It was, I am sorry to say, not something I’m proud to wear.

Sure I know that gold coins are valuable because they offer divisible size and are universally acceptable in a recognizable form, hence people like to buy gold coin to protect wealth and preserve one’s purchasing power.

Unique native American jewelries

432468840 869db880af m Unique native American jewelries

If you love tribal inspired jewelries that comes in beadwork styles or in sterling silver with semi-precious stones, you might want to take a look at the Native American Jewelry store, which has a huge selection of custom pieces handcrafted by Santa Fe Native Americans. 

Some of the pieces are unique and are valued not merely for their decorative style, but their traditional symbolism as well.