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The hip Zip-It bags and purses

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Maybe you’ve seen it.  Maybe you’ve been eyeing it.  Or maybe you’ve already got it.  What am I talking about?  Zip-It, the one-of-a-kind bag, tote, purse and wallet that zips into shape when you need it.  It’s the hip zip!

Zip-It bags start out as a flat zipper.  All you need to do is to pull the zipper and watch your bag take shape.  I’ve seen it being sold at Level 2 of Suntec City and thought it was uniquely fashionable. 

DIY sushi mat earrings holder

424951018 c791639eb7 m DIY sushi mat earrings holderHere’s an ingenious tip from Stef of da*xiang for those who have many hanging earrings and don’t know how or where to store them.

Use a sushi mat!

Well, what Stef did was she bought a big sushi mat, hung it up in a clip hanger and then put all her hanging earrings on it.  This way, she not only can access her earrings easily but she’s also able to place a couple more of these mats in her wardrobe without them taking much space. 

Making unique pretty jewelries

424694212 f28a9a039c o Making unique pretty jewelries Just a couple of weeks ago, I was contemplating if I should take up a new jewelry making course at the community centre.  Well, *ahem* I thought that it’ll be quite nice to do something for myself. 

Blissful arty t-shirts & accessories

421831109 bca7edf13c m Blissful arty t shirts & accessories

These pretty totes and t-shirts are made by artist and designer Jill Bliss.  You can find her few-of-a-kind items from recycled or sustainable materials at blissen.  Check out her fabric jewelry as well as wallets and pouches.  Very beautifully designed with thoughtful art featuring animals, plants and florals.  

Looking at them, there’s only one word to describe.  BLISS.

International shipping is available.

vivawoman1 Blissful arty t shirts & accessories © www.vivawoman.net copyright notice