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Complete guide to buying diamonds

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If you like diamonds and are into buying them for the first time, you should familiarize yourself with a few essentials before making that purchase.

A great place to start your diamond education is to browse through some of the online diamond stores like BrilliantDiamonds.com.  Not only is it a source to buy diamonds for engagement rings or wedding rings,  this site is also a great source for education about diamonds and contains an excellent buying guide to understanding the basics of diamonds. 

Hip maternity b-buckles

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Did Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Robert and Tori Spelling wear their designer jeans while they were pregnant?  Why yes.  They did so with b-buckles, the hippest new maternity accessory which let women wear their non-maternity jeans from the beginning of their pregnancy until after baby.

Available in fabulous colours and designs, these hip & cool b-buckles are a great post-partum item which are inexpensive and very easy to use.  Just just wrap around your belt loops, snap and go.  No more ugly maternity jeans!  The best part is they can be worn after the tummy is gone as well!

Reef surf-inspired sandals

408508431 a794f35608 m Reef surf inspired sandals

Some of you may remember the very first Miss Reef Bikini held at the Reef Wakefest in Singapore last July where the participants were parading around in lycra athletic tops and Reef sandals from Argentina.  Cool sandals eh?  You may also have seen the brand if you shop enough at The Heeren Shops.

Well, they’re cool indeed.  After all, Reef is the world’s leader in authentic, surf-inspired good quality footwear.  Don’t believe?  Just look up their website or at Active Sandals which carries the largest selection of Reef sandals

Unique handcrafted jewelries

407350452 8ea7b45b08 Unique handcrafted jewelries

If you’re looking for unique, one-of-a-kind vintage jewelries, you might want to check out ArtisansMarket.com, a website selling unique handcrafted art and gifts by independent artisans.  Or better still, if you’re an artist with interesting creative pieces, you should try to expand your market using this website.

407339865 730de06300 s Unique handcrafted jewelriesI’ve emailed my friend San, who creates her own jewelries that she can place her pieces on their online consignment shops.  That way, she can try to expand her reach while she’s currently building up her portfolio and website.  Of course ArtisansMarket.com will charge her a fee which is 20% of her sale, but she can potentially gain lots more customers.