No more tying and untying shoe laces with Lock Laces


Have you ever tripped over your shoe laces before? It hasn't happened to me lately but it sure has happened to me before. And that's why I usually tie a double knot just to ensure that the shoe laces are secured. But untying double knots can be inconvenient and that’s why these Lock Laces caught my ...

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Arm candy: handmade fashion bracelets & bangles

bracelets and bangles

I recently decided to shop for more bracelets and bangles to dress up my bare wrist. Okay, I know that chunky bangles are in but they don't look too good on me - I'll probably end up having to hold my hand constantly at 90-degree angle just to prevent them from dropping off. So I got these instead ...

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Loving my hardy and macho looking Tungsten rings

tungsten rings

I first came to know about Tungsten Carbide rings in 2009 via the web and gauging by the various online discussions, it seems that such rings are a popular choice for wedding bands because they're less traditional looking. Anyway, I love wearing rings but I'm not good with them and tend to drop them ...

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Something old, something borrowed, something blue

vintage_style_ seiko_watch

Recently, I started wearing this old Seiko watch again. The watch belongs to my mom and she passed it to me when I was in my teens. So for a few years, this watch accompanied me to school every day. Ya, I know it doesn't look cool on a teenager but I don't think I thought much of being cool back ...

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