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DIY Fashion: funky safety pins earrings & a story

DIY safety pins earrings DIY Fashion: funky safety pins earrings & a story

Before I tell you how I made this pair of safety pins earrings, I have a story about safety pins to share. This story happened to my mom with her first born, that is, my eldest brother. So the story was that she found out one day too late that a safety pin was missing. Safety pins, as you may know, come in various sizes and the missing one had to be the largest. To her horror, my brother, who was less than one year old at that time, had apparently swallowed it. And horrors of horrors, the safety pin was left open before it was swallowed! Can you imagine the panic my mum felt then?

How I store & organize my handmade necklaces

organizing necklaces How I store & organize my handmade necklaces

I’ve been wanting to store and organize my handmade necklaces like forever but never got down to the task. So I’ve been putting them in boxes but they’re not the best for storage. One, some of my necklaces get tangled up in the small space and another, I missed out on some of the necklaces because they were hidden in the boxes, away from my view!

DIY Fashion: Raphael’s Angels watch choker

DIY watch choker DIY Fashion: Raphaels Angels watch choker

I was clearing my storeroom and found my box of old watches. Well, not limited editions or collector watches but watches I wore back in my younger days. Then, I was fond of fashion watches, especially Swatch and Benetton watches and I basically couldn’t bear to throw them away. But they’ve been kept for so long and some of the plastic straps have become sticky due to the humidity. But because the watch faces still look and feel fine, I decided to recycle some of them; one of which is the Raphael’s Angels, a non-branded watch someone bought from Paris.

Ruffle up your neck with these DIY necklaces

DIY Red Ruffle Necklace Ruffle up your neck with these DIY necklaces

Have you seen these fabric ruffle necklaces around? I’ve seen them retailing at Etsy for above US$20. But I’ve got three here and they cost me nothing for they were made from scraps of fabrics. I can make more but I don’t have enough chains to make them with.

They are very easy to make and all that is needed are a pair of scissors, thread and needle. All right, you’ll need chains or cords but you can also use ribbons or lace; anything that can double up as a necklace.