Oh croc, is that your old skin on my mom’s handbag?

vintage crocodile handmade handbag Oh croc, is that your old skin on my moms handbag?
This is a handmade crocodile-skin handbag that belonged to my mom. I remember she had this made when I was a lot younger so this bag must have been around for at least 35 years. It’s definitely a vintage now but while I love vintage inspired fashion, I’m not sure I want to carry this around. For one thing, even though croc skin is valuable, it’s not really my kind of thing. But during my mom’s day, such croc-skin handbags are very popular; they were the IT bag of her days.

How I make my hips look smaller than they really are

OFTD How I make my hips look smaller than they really are
What a difference the letter ‘s’ makes to the word ‘hip’. Not only a different meaning but of a completely different proportion that weighs in quite bottom-heavy for me. HA. Yes, petite as I am, I have an issue with my hips. They are big for my size and this is the reason I don’t wear pants and I prefer my clothes flare. I avoid body hugging dresses at all costs because they only serve to accentuate the unflattering curves below my waistline. However, much as I try to pick clothes that would work for my figure, I sometimes miss the mark. Completely.

Unfrumping the boho-chic Free People Rad for Plaid Dress

Half moon cutout Unfrumping the boho chic Free People Rad for Plaid Dress
My husband can never get his head around some of my fashion choices. He thinks they’re too odd. Well, I can never get my head around some of his boring preferences either. The thing is, he doesn’t get bohemian. He doesn’t see the charm and chic in looking uniquely eccentric that’s totally de jour. I, on the other hand, love to dress like I don’t give a hoot about fashion on certain days and this is why clothes of an unrestricted, flowing style with interesting details and print particularly appeal to me. Like this Rad For Plaid Dress from Free People.

Non-traditional fit and flare cheongsam for CNY

trendy cheongsam Non traditional fit and flare cheongsam for CNY
I’m always drawn to cheongsams during the Chinese New Year season for some reason. Not so much to wear them but to ogle at them. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m also fond of featuring them! So this year I stumbled upon this Inner Circle CNY collection from Zalora with a modern twist. Very fashionable and may I add, real affordable. I’d to do a double take because I couldn’t believe the prices actually range from S$39.90 to S$69.90! And the quality doesn’t look so bad, going by the pictures alone.