My new glasses have an SPF 25 & keep UV rays away

Augusto Valentini Italian hand made eye glasses

Yipee! I’ve got a new pair of eyeglasses and this one comes with photochromic lenses! Okay, did that just pass over your head? (o.O) Sorry lovelies but I am kinda excited because my new glasses filters out the oppressive UV rays. I don’t always wear sunnies and this is just perfect for my needs—not only…

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Non-traditional fit and flare cheongsam for CNY


I’m always drawn to cheongsams during the Chinese New Year season for some reason. Not so much to wear them but to ogle at them. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m also fond of featuring them! So this year I stumbled upon this Inner Circle CNY collection from Zalora with a modern twist. Very fashionable…

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