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Fashion scarves for more style

1491491118 06c4670a8f o Fashion scarves for more style

Looks like scarves are really in. I just read about the various ways you can wear scarves as a top in this week’s issue of Urban and now I see celebrities like Laurent Conrad, Vanessa Hudgens, Gwen Stefani, Rachel Bilson, Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth draped in them at Life & Style Weekly.

Scarves are actually stylish when worn with the right outfit and the best thing is that this fashion accessory is so affordable and yet so versatile.

Bosom Button for exposed cleavage

1481136940 f0439669dd o Bosom Button for exposed cleavage

How many times have we bought a new top or dress just to find that the neckline is cut too low for our comfort?  Sometimes I sew an extra button if it’s possible, but usually I wear another tube inside just to get over any possible embarrassment. 

Now, there’s a much easier solution.  I can use these Bosom Button fashion pins crafted from Swarovski crystals, pearls or gemstones as a functional accessory to rectify the problem of a low cut top or dress. Just pierce through clothing, fasten and clasp! I can even use these fashion pins to replace a missing button or secure a shawl. 

Look pretty in small chic glasses

1474727962 9baca8c990 o Look pretty in small chic glasses

According to news from Mainichi, Japanese celebrity Miho Takagi has been named as the female celebrity that suits glasses the most in an annual survey by Seiko Optical Products.  Korean actor Bae Yong-joon took the male lead. 

In the survey, reasons people gave for liking glasses included that they could change the look of their face and that they enjoyed matching their glasses with their clothes.  I suppose glasses can be used as a fashion accessory but most ladies really prefer to show off their beautiful peepers.  Which probably explain why I hardly see female celebrities in them.  For example, it was so hard to find Miho Takagi’s on the Net initally!

Three mod ways to wear vintage

1436928239 ce1a7b7158 o Three mod ways to wear vintage

After writing about how vintage fashion is growing in popularity last week,  I found this interesting blog that features Three Ways To Wear Vintage

Not only can you derive some inspirations on how to wear one vintage apparel in three different styles, you can also purchase those apparel from BeautoriaVintage.com, a new little shop that sells vintage clothes from the 1960′s to 1980′s.  Some of the pieces are so mod!

If you’re a lover of vintage fashion, you gotta check the site out.  Even if you aren’t, you can learn a thing or two about coordination too.