Leather jacket, monochrome dress & biker chic

Biker Jacket

What? Wearing leather jackets in hot, humid Singapore? Are you mad? Well, no actually. I think it’s perfectly fine to wear them indoors, especially when the weather is all wet and cold. Anyway, I can wear my leather jacket to work but I’ve decided to keep it as a weekend gear instead. I mean, there…

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What am I gonna do with a colorful nest of skittles?

handmade colorful birdnest necklace

I realized that we have very talented ladies in the blogging circuit and I’m not talking about makeup skills or photography flair. I’m talking about ladies who are gifted with deft fingers to handcraft works of wearable art like this colorful nest of what looks like eggs but are really skittles! Delicious looking? You bet!…

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I like my jewelry vintage inspired and antiquey

handmade vintage style watch necklace

It’s no secret that I love handmade jewelry but within the category, my heart goes to those that are vintage inspired, particularly those that look rather aged. There’s just something enchanting about them – maybe it’s because of the antique feel, perhaps it’s due to the nostalgic inspiration or it could be just the dreamy…

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