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Dress up with gladiator sandals

351591200 2269bda9a6 m Dress up with gladiator sandals

Dresses are going to be even more popular this year than last.  Twenties inspired flapper dresses, fifties-style fitted dress or shift dresses.  And to avoid looking dated, team your dress with gladiator sandals, like this white Noe Sandals from dELiA*s Dress up with gladiator sandalswhich is going for just a song at US$9.99!  Can you resist it?

vivawoman1 Dress up with gladiator sandals © www.vivawoman.net copyright notice

Stewart + Brown hip and chic easy-to-wear organic fashion

Steward + Brown Stewart + Brown hip and chic easy to wear organic fashion
Did you know that you can do your part to protect earth from the clothes you wear?   Organic is no longer just a word associated with food.  You can wear organic clothes and they’re definitely not not just green and brown if you’re going by this very hip and chic collection from Stewart+Brown

Recycled plastic country bag

336425412 d82d28cb36 m Recycled plastic country bagThis Samina bag is fun, fresh, and is good for the planet because  it’s made of recycled plastic bags, which are a huge environmental hazard.

Handmade by cooperatives in India, the project collects plastic bags that litter the streets and neighborhoods of New Delhi.

The process is a renewing process which uses a fraction of the energy of recycling, where layers of different color plastic bags are placed on top of each other and fused together. The lining is made of polyester, and the trim of rexine/vinyl.  In addition to recycling plastic, the process does not require additional dyes or inks which may be toxic.  

Wear that jacket to exude authority

333827435 21e4c88ef7 o Wear that jacket to exude authority

Just came across this interesting article suited women convey power and I think it’s something every working women needs to read, especially if your job is one that requires you to exude enough authority. 

The article quoted retail consultant Susan Rolontz of the Tobe Report who said that a woman needs a sharp jacket and a good handbag to look professional and be taken seriously. 

Her observations may sound dated since the nature of women’s relationships in the workplace has improved considerably and women’s business attire has changed significantly to become more feminine in the past three decades.