Lenovo What’s Your Idea of Fun Giveaway Series 1

Lenovo Ideapad Giveaway

Isn't this red Lenovo U160 Ideapad just too beautiful? The red reminds me of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - all bright and shiny - especially when lights are shone on it! Well, this thin and light mini notebook with an 11.6” LED HD widescreen display measures 290 x 22.5 x 190 mm and is absolutely ...

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Nutriganics from The Body Shop & a giveaway

The Body Shop Nutriganics Skin Care Range

While I like the core values at The Body Shop, but I've always wished that the company can make their mission more complete by promoting more natural and organic products. They do have some interesting products but every time I look at the ingredient lists, I just stop short of purchasing. Well, all ...

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On deep cleansing & VivaBella giveaway winner

VivaBella Giveaway Items

How was your week? It has been rather busy for me, especially beauty wise. In particular, I've learnt a few tips after visiting Spa Scene, a one-stop hair, beauty and wellness centre based on Korean age-old wisdoms. One of the very interesting tips I was given - to triple-cleanse our face so as to ...

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Epicare threading tool review & a giveaway

Epicare facial hair removal gadget

Has anyone ever had your face threaded before?  I've never tried that but I remember seeing one of my sister-in-laws having her face threaded by her mom when I was a little girl.  Some thirty years later,  a friend showed me her cleaner eyebrows, thanks to an eyebrow threading session.  I was pretty ...

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