Why use pH balanced shampoos & conditioners?

pH Balanced Shampoo

For years, I’ve not been using hair conditioner because I don’t like how they weigh down my hair plus I’ve never found a real need to because my hair was generally manageable with just shampoo. However, since my recent hair coloring session, they feel like straw whenever I wash them and I have to use…

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Would you go to a neighbourhood hair salon?

hair salon

I skipped the DIY hair coloring and went to a neighbourhood hair salon some weeks ago to have my hair highlighted instead. The result was fine, and I don’t have much to complain about. I paid S$138 for my short hair with the lowlights and highlights, as opposed to having to shell out $200+ at…

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Do you color your own hair?

Hoyu Bigen Hair Color

I received two packs of Hoyu DIY hair color kits over Christmas but they’re still in the original gift bag as I have no guts to try them out. The instructions seem easy enough but I am so afraid of doing something irreversibly wrong. So while I need to color my hair soon and do…

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