Can shampoos help prevent hair thinning?


I bought the Phytocyane Revitalizing Shampoo for thinning hair on a whim because there was a sale at Watsons and I only had to pay S$20 for it. I have a slight problem with thinning hair due to my oily scalp but it isn't very serious. Or at least the condition hasn't gotten worst over the years ...

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What comes 1st: shampoo or facial cleanser?


I could be too presumptuous here but I'm guessing most people shampoo their hair and wash their face during a shower. Well, at least a couple of people I know do. So which should come first? Should we shampoo our hair first or should we wash our face first? And is there a difference? The reason ...

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Hair coloring session with Hoyu Promaster

Hoyu Promaster

On average, I color or highlight my hair only about two to three times a year. One thing is cost, but the other is I'm not so keen to subject my hair to too much harsh chemical treatments. I'm kind of paranoid that it'll contribute to hair loss and I already do not have a lot of hair to afford that ...

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Phytocedrat Sebo-Regulating Shampoo

I recently switched to Phytocedrat Sebo-Regulating Shampoo and for awhile now, I haven't had to resort to using dry shampoo to keep my hair looking less greasy. I have seen this product around for some time already but haven't been inspired to test it out because I never had good experience with ...

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