Is blow drying bad for your hair?


The answer is NO! “If done correctly, it is actually better than towelling dry or just letting your hair dry naturally.” According to a feature titled “Tress Distress” dated 21 Nov in Urban under The Straits Times, the consistent heat applied in the same direction smoothens hair cuticles and gives you shiny hair. It also…

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Asymmetrical haircut flatters facial features

My hairstylist wanted to give me an asymmetrical haircut which is basically a style where the hair does not have left-right symmetry and one side is cut longer than the other. It’s a flashback to the 80s he said, though the current trend is less drastic than the Cyndi Lauper style where one side was…

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Online hair fashion gallery to inspire you

The Cutting Chair is a new website on hair fashion started by James Lai. It’s worth a mention because you can get ideas of new hairdos from its hairstyle gallery featuring interesting haircuts from girls on the street as well as celebrities. In addition, the website goes further to provide visitors with the information on…

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