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Japanese hairstyles for inspiration

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So I learnt that 2008 hairstyle trend for women will likely be marked by longer hair with a volume and fullness achieved by looser, natural flowing curls. Hair coloring will be more subtle and soft instead of the stark color contrasts that are popular today. 

Hair wigs to flatter face shapes

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I was trying to write up something about hairstyles which flatter different face shapes and found some very interesting information at WigShop.com.  There is a section within their website which covers the type of women’s wigs for different face shapes and I believe this also applies well for normal hairstyles.

100% vegan hair regrowth formula

I’ve always been paranoid about my hair.  Actually more so than my face.  Well, that’s because I’m afraid of losing my already fine and thin crop of hair.  So products which help to strengthen hair and combat hair loss will always get my attention. 

This product that I’m previewing, Samson’s Secret regrowth formula, particularly gets my interest because it is an all-natural blend of herbs and natural supplements to help our body grow longer, stronger strands of hair.