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Make every day a good hair day…even when it is not

make everyday a good hair day Make every day a good hair day...even when it is not
I’m facing a bit of a hairy conundrum at the moment: I don’t know who to go for my next haircut. You see, I broke off a long-term relationship with my hairstylist some 48 weeks ago. I’d anticipated this day but let’s just say it happened prematurely. The decision wasn’t easy especially since I’ve been going to him for ages and he knows my hair and my temperament pretty well. But I just couldn’t handle his nonsense like making me wait at the salon while he went TV shopping or threatening to cancel my appointment when I was 10 minutes late. The last straw was when he gave me some lame attitude when I complained that he had cut my hair too short. I decided enough was enough. Friend or not, I was taking my money elsewhere.

Shine and volume with John Masters Organics Argan Oil

John Masters Organics Argan Oil Shine and volume with John Masters Organics Argan Oil
I haven’t thought of using oil for my hair until I saw that John Masters Organics has an argan oil that is meant for both skin and hair. It comes in a 59ml glass bottle and is USDA certified organic. When used on hair, it is supposed to give shine and reduce appearance of split ends. At the same time, it can be used as a heat protectant for blow drying and flat ironing of hair. Anyway, I bought a bottle to try, hoping that this oil can help nourish the dry ends of my hair.

Less hair fall with odd-shaped Tangle Teezer hairbrush

Tangle Teezer Hairbrush Less hair fall with odd shaped Tangle Teezer hairbrush I’m not one who jumps onto the trend wagon easily but I did recently, quite by accident though. Now, I have been quite obsessed with hair products for a while, and I spotted this Tangle Teezer hair brush while window shopping. The tacky color and odd shape called out real loud to me and so I decided to buy it. On hindsight, that was actually a wise decision!

John Masters Organics Shine On Hair Treatment

John Masters Organics Shine On Hair Treatment John Masters Organics Shine On Hair Treatment
Part of my John Masters Organics shopping haul is this leave-in hair product called “Shine On Hair Treatment”. It is supposed to give what its name implies—shine—definitely something I need because my hair has absolutely zero shine due to the frequent dye jobs I’ve done. To be honest, the state of my hair has never bothered me in the past till now. I’ve grown a lot more concerned about how I look and I think having shiny straight hair definitely lends me more credibility at work.