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Simply Organic Oil Emulsion Haircolor @Ecorganics

Simply Organic Professional Hair Color Simply Organic Oil Emulsion Haircolor @Ecorganics

Did you know that some hairdressers actually have very sensitive skin on their hands? Apparently, many of them have this problem because they’re in constant contact with chemicals such as ammonia on a long term basis. My ex-hairstylist has this problem and I know he has to take medication to curb the frequent flare-ups of eczema on his hands. So this is the reason why more salons are introducing ammonia-free permanent hair color. An example is Ecorganics I visited two weeks ago that uses a safer permanent hair color with Simply Organic Oil Emulsion Haircolor.

Adamsfield SLS-Free Restorative Foaming Shampoo

Adamsfield Restorative Foaming Shampoo Adamsfield SLS Free Restorative Foaming Shampoo

Shampoos for hair loss isn’t new but a foaming shampoo for hair loss may be. Well, at least to me. I’ve come across foaming facial cleansers but a Hair Antidote Restorative Foaming Shampoo? This is a first for me. I can’t say I’m terribly excited about reviewing this product, especially since I’ve never heard of the UK brand, Adamsfield. But given that this product is made to be free from sulfates, parabens, EDTA as well as silicones and is designed for thinning hair, it does sound like a product designed for my haircare needs.

Marc Anthony Full Blow Out Lotion packs volume

Marc Anthony Full Flow Out Lotion Marc Anthony Full Blow Out Lotion packs volume

Thanks to a recommendation from reader, Sihui, I scored a tube of the Marc Anthony Full Blow Out Lotion from Watsons and have been using it daily now. Sihui had told me that the product works wonder for her as she found that her hair had thickened quite a fair bit. Desperate to have my hair looking fuller, I decided to give it a try even though the brand isn’t in the natural category. But surprisingly, this Canadian product is free from parabens and alcohol.

J.R. Liggett’s Old-Fashioned Natural Bar Shampoo

JR Liggetts Shampoo J.R. Liggetts Old Fashioned Natural Bar Shampoo

I don’t like using soap bars on my face but other than that, I’m quite game to use them on my hair or body. Somehow, they appeal to me in a certain strange way and that’s probably why I couldn’t resist buying this J.R. Liggett’s Old Fashion Bar Shampoo soap even though I don’t really need it. I suspect I bought it because I was captivated by the packaging – don’t you think it looks quaint?