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5 benefits of 100% pure cocoa butter for our skin

Cococare 100 Cocoa Butter 5 benefits of 100% pure cocoa butter for our skin
When I saw this Cococare 100% Cocoa Butter Stick in my package from iHerb, I was wondering what made me add it in my shopping cart. It’s 100% cocoa butter alright but it’s pretty much a small little stick too. Did I want to use it for my cuticles or did I want to use it for my lips? Maybe I wanted it for my elbows and knees. Beats me! But I really think I got it on a whim, because it’s so cheap and had over 3000 glowing reviews. Anyway, I’ve since discovered a great use for this stick and I’ll tell you in a minute. For now, let me tell you briefly about the origins of cocoa butter and its key benefit.

You may have rabbit skin if you’re allergic to linalool

Linalool You may have rabbit skin if youre allergic to linalool
Some of you can’t use products containing fragrances or essential oils as they irritate your skin. Well, what could have caused the irritation may be linalool, a colourless liquid with a fresh, light floral scent that is slightly citrusy. Found in many products especially those with floral fragrances, linalool can be synthetic or natural occurring. Synthetic linalool is obviously produced from synthetic source, while natural occurring linalool is the fragrant component of many essential oils.

Why you don’t want to use castor oil around your eyes

castor oil Why you dont want to use castor oil around your eyes
I have been doing a bit of research into oils after reading in a Chinese book that cleansing oils are drying for our skin. I haven’t been able to establish anything conclusive yet but I believe it really depends on the product formulation, as I’ve mentioned in an entry I wrote in May 2011 about cleansing oil causing skin problems. However, something else turned up in the course of my digging around about oils. I realized that there is a need to correct a common recommended beauty tip to use castor oil as a makeup remover or around the eyes because I don’t think it’s a good idea. Why so?

Nexcare 95% natural mask packs for face and eyes

Nexcare Premium Facial Mask Pack Nexcare 95% natural mask packs for face and eyes
If there’s one item that I do not use on my face, it’s the ubiquitous sheet mask. A favorite amongst most ladies and a big thing in Asia, sheet masks just do not feature in my skincare routine. I did try them back when I was younger but found them to be quite cumbersome. And when I moved camp to use natural/organic skincare, it became harder to find a sheet mask in this category. So yeah, I was kinda excited when I learned that Nexcare has launched their premium facial mask pack range using 95% ingredients. I just had to check out if they’re for real!

Made in Korea
Nexcare is by 3M, the same company that is famous for their post-it stickers. Many of you are probably already familiar with the Nexcare Acne Patch, which I use pretty frequently too. The Nexcare Premium Facial Mask Pack is one of the latest products from the brand, along with their Whitening Eye Patch, Anti-Wrinkle Eye Patch, Smile-Line Patch and Nose Patch. All of them are made in Korea and said to be formulated with 95% natural ingredients. So what exactly are these ingredients and what makes up the other 5%?