Hydrosol: floral water to rebalance skin pH


Interestingly, I noted that a few ladies at a forum I lurk have been talking about ordering hydrosols to make clay mask or even for toning purposes. So what are these? Hydrosols are also known as distillates and are byproducts from steam distilling, created while extracting essential oils. Apparently, they are also known as floral…

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AHA+BHA+Jojoba make good lip exfoliators

I mentioned awhile ago that I’ve been having problems wearing lip glosses and lipsticks.  My lips became very dry especially under air-conditioned environment and I had these white clumpy stuff from whatever I’m wearing on my lower lips.  Needless to say, I looked awful.  At first I thought it was the ingredients from my lip glosses and…

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Which type of Vitamin C works for our skin?

It looks like more and more skincare products are including some form of Vitamin C in their formulations for obvious reasons of attracting customers who believe in their touted merits in skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction.  However, which is the true Vitamin C, which are the derivatives and what type of vitamin C really works? Here, I’ll take a…

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