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Egyptian Magic Cream made from Vaseline? *ahem*

vaseline vs egyptian magic cream Egyptian Magic Cream made from Vaseline? *ahem*
Someone in the beauty industry made this comment to something I’d recommended to an Instagramer: “Egyptian Magical Cream is just a vaseline base moisturizer” and I was like oh wow, really, since when? Anyway, I didn’t respond to the comment but thought it makes a fodder for a blogging topic. HAHA. The mind of a blogger—do I get some scores for blogging juice or what?

5 reasons why you may need a sulfate-free shampoo

Avalon Organics 5 reasons why you may need a sulfate free shampoo

When it comes to hair products, sulfates are often said to be best avoided. Why? They can be damaging for your hair and your hair follicles. However, unless you’re looking at a no foam shampoo, chances are, your shampoo is going to contain some sort of sulfate. But the most common and also most notorious ones to take note are really sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate. Shampoos containing these ingredients are best avoided if you can help it (unless they’re listed way down the ingredient label) for the following reasons:

10 things to know what vitamin C can do for your skin

vitaminc C for skincare 10 things to know what vitamin C can do for your skin

Of the many active ingredients I’ve tried, vitamin C works best for me. It was first introduced to me by a dermatologist and ever since, I’ve always had good results using products formulated with the ingredient. I believe many of you are also fans of the ingredient and so I hope this list of 10 that I’ve compiled on what vitamin C can do for your skin will interest you.

Does ‘free from’ mean product is safe & non-toxic?

ingredients Does free from mean product is safe & non toxic?

I realized that more and more skincare products are adopting this “free from” labeling. Even some of the big, conventional skin care brands are following suit. And it seems like the list is getting longer, with the common ones being: free from parabens, free from fragrances, free from sulfates, free from coloring, and free from animal testing. So does this naturally mean the product is safe, non-toxic, and organic? Or are some of these brands really just engaging in greenwashing?