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Skin regeneration: Copper Peptide

skincare ingredients Skin regeneration: Copper Peptide

 copper which is bounded by several chains of amino acid
- been on the market only since 1997
- considered as the best skin regeneration ingredient
- stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis
acts as an antioxidant 
- promotes production of glycosaminoglycans 
- increase the benefits of the body’s natural tissue building processes
- can be used in conjunction with retinoids 
   > helps to reduce the irritation associated with retinoid use
- cannot be used with topical vitamin C

Treat pigmentation & age spots: Kojic Acid

skincare ingredients Treat pigmentation & age spots: Kojic Acid

- discovered recently in 1989
- successfully used in Japan
- derived from a fungus (mushroom)
- has a similar effect as hydroquinone
- unstable and can oxidize quickly when exposed to air
   > alternative kojic dipalmitate is used because it is more stable
- studies have shown that it is effective as a lightening agent
- can be used on sun freckles
- can also be used to treat melasma

Mineral makeup is causing my face to itch

2520999312 24ee07d652 o Mineral makeup is causing my face to itch

I never imagined I would suffer from a breakout from using skincare or makeup but yes, it had to happened.  I am suffering from a bout of bad itchy rash on my forehead and under my eye area which is refusing to subside quickly.  After examining my skincare routine and makeup, I believe the culprit to be a matt mineral veil from Ferro Cosmetics that I was using for half a day yesterday.  This is the second time I’ve used the product.  The first time I wore it for a short duration when I was testing the line of makeup and I recalled my forehead being itchy too.

Skincare ingredient website with rating

skincare ingredients Skincare ingredient website with rating

I just stumbled upon a very cool website on skincare ingredients by the name of Phoebe’s Ingredients.  It consists of quite a bit of products in the market and the ingredients those products contain.  On top of that, it even rates how well or how bad the product performs in terms of anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hydrating, whitening, exfoliating, drying, irritating and comedogenic going by their ingredient listing.