Additive-Free Japanese Skin Care System From HABA

Haba Japanese Skincare Additive Free Japanese Skin Care System From HABA
I first learned of HABA from a reader some years back and recall seeing them at the basement of Takashimaya. I even wanted to try their washing powder at one stage. But because I couldn’t erase the image of my mom using washing powder to wash clothes back when I was a kid, I gave up the idea quite quickly. So the brand soon slipped under my radar. It only resurfaced recently when I was invited to their Suntec outlet and that was when I found out about their full range of additive-free or Mutenka cosmetics that are free of parabens, fragrances, mineral oils, chemically synthesized tar colors and petrochemical surfactants.

Fancl Pore Cleansing and Skin Renewal Face Packs

Fancl Mask Packs Fancl Pore Cleansing and Skin Renewal Face Packs
These are the second set of products I’m using from Fancl. The first was the new Fancl Anti-Aging Care range and as reviewed, I did like them and so I agreed to trying other products and I was sent these. I was a bit surprised to receive two different mask packs but I realized that they both serve different functions. The Fancl Pore Cleansing Pack is a deep pore cleansing mask while the Fancl Skin Renewal Pack is a newer product that is formulated with Royal Jelly Essence to renew skin.

New from Fancl: 5-step Mutenka anti-aging care line

Fancl Mutenka Ant Aging Range New from Fancl: 5 step Mutenka anti aging care line
Last month, I made quite a major change in my skincare routine. I stopped using facial oils both day and night and went back to using a Japanese brand. I need to qualify that I still love using facial oils and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. It just so happened that I was sent a set of the new Fancl aging care line and I thought I’ll just make a complete switch. Plus, adding oil on top of the 5-step skincare seems too much anyway.

ReFa Pro Platinum Electronic Roller from Japan

ReFa Pro Platiunum Electronic Roller ReFa Pro Platinum Electronic Roller from Japan

Hands up, all of you who get excited with beauty gadgets! Okay, my hands are up. Yes, I am always thrilled about beauty gadgets and some of you may remember my attempts at rolling my face with needles. Okay, I no longer prick my face anymore and so, the derma rollers I have is now sitting somewhere in a cold, dark corner, feeling totally wasted. Anyway, I’ve moved on and am currently using the ReFa Pro Platinum Electronic Roller to roll on my flabby arms, bulging tummy, fat thighs and *ahem* saggy butt.