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Koda Kumi Kose Visee CM

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See the stunning effects of Kose Visee on sexy Koda Kumi as she sparkles in the Kose Visee CM on Veoh here.  

Kose Visee is a line of glamorous makeup that comes in an array of colours, including eye color, mascara, rouge, lip gloss, lipstick and nail polish great for those clubbing nights.  Visee Eye Visualiser for example, is created for ladies who want a sharper, brighter and more colourful eye makeup effect while Visee Psychedelic Lip Gloss is for ladies who yearn for lustrous looking glossy lips. 

Nanako in Kose Sekkisei CM

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I haven’t seen Nanako Matsushima ( 松嶋菜々子) for a long time since the birth of her daughter and she’s still looking as beautiful in the Kose Sekkisei CM on their website (you can also find it on Youtube). 

Kose Sekkisei is a line of skincare series that contains Japanese herbal extract for gentle protection and moisturizing while lightening the skin.  Included in the series are cleansing oil, cleansing gel, whitening lotion, whitening cream, whitening emulsion, paper mask and more.  There has been in general, a positive feedback given to the product range as gathered from Makeupalley.

Oil-based cleanser for cleaner face

468159011 4fae5741d5 o Oil based cleanser for cleaner faceFor years, I have only used cleansing lotions of western brands to remove my makeup. I have heard so much about the Koreans and Japanese using oil-based cleansers but was a little of an oil-phobe to try my hands on one until recently with the new Sana Ho-Jun-Ki Cleansing Oil

So what’s the difference? 

I realised that normal makeup removing lotion do not focus on pore cleansing care but this 100% raw royal jelly containing Vitamin C derivative promises to shrink pores by removing all traces of clogged dirts and sebums in pores.