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Tatcha aburatorigami Japanese blotting paper

 Tatcha aburatorigami Japanese blotting paper

I have stopped using blotting paper for a long time.  The last ones I used were from Clean and Clear and now, I usually just use a tissue to pat off excess oil if I have to, in the middle of the day.  But when Vicky of Tatcha contacted me to ask me to test her Japanese made aburatorigami blotting papers, I just had to say yes.  Just look at how pretty they are! *right brain tingling* Vicky was very generous and sent me three packets of the aburatorigami papers to try.  You see a lot more in this picture and that’s because I’ve requested more for you, my readers!  *wink*  

Review: Muji Cleansing Oil For Sensitive Skin

 Review: Muji Cleansing Oil For Sensitive Skin

I haven’t found anything that beats cleansing oil in terms of the cleansing abilities. While many, including myself, prefer to follow up with a foaming cleanser, it’s actually possible to just rely on one cleansing oil to remove your makeup and even keep your face thoroughly cleansed.

There are a multitude of such products in the market these days, but the popular ones are still of Japanese origin. Surprisingly though, I haven’t tried many. The last one I used was my own DIY makeup cleansing oil.

DIY lotion mask demo by Chizu Saeki

I remember reading about Japan’s leading beauty expert, Chizu Saeki launching her book The Japanese Skincare Revolution, which includes a collection of unconventional skincare tips such as wearing a shower cap over your face and thinking about sexy men. I had made a mental note to check out her book when I have time but till now, I haven’t got down to that.

Shinzi Katoh Japanese bags in Singapore

shinzi katoh Shinzi Katoh Japanese bags in Singapore

I’ve been wanting to own a Shinzi Katoh bag for a long time and was so happy to have found it at a local online store! Yeah!

Shinzi Katoh is Japan’s best known Zakka artist and designer and his collectible lifestyle goods are to-die-for.  Since I wrote about the Shinzi Katoh bags in my other blog Oh My So Cute, I’ve been wishing to own one of them.  So of course I was over the moon when I finally found them available at The Little Happy Shop.