A trio review of Ecobeau Korean natural products


Today, I'm going to review three of the products under Ecobeau, a natural series from Korea that is said to be made from botanical extract and contains no alcohol, no preservatives and no parabens. Instead of just giving you a personal review, I have invited two readers, Chenyze and Kaiping, who ...

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Do BB creams work well as concealers?

BB Cream

I wrote about BB cream as early as 2007 when it was relatively new in the market, but guess what? Until now, I haven't actually tried them. I think the main reason is because while some people use BB creams as skin care, I choose to see BB creams as makeup and hence, the lack of enthusiasm. So ...

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Natural Korean skincare from TheOrangeCo.com

Ecobeau Blemish Balm BB Cream

If you like Korean skincare and makeup products, or you like using BB cream, then this shop feature on TheOrangeCo.com is definitely going to interest you. The company offers some of these popular Korean skincare and beauty products but the chief reason why I'm covering them is because the company ...

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Fashionably comfortable with dressy shorts

Korean shorts fashion

While I'm not so keen on mini skirts, I'm perfectly fine with wearing shorts. In fact, I used to go out in them before I lost too much weight. That was two years ago. Now, I only use them at home because those in my closet are so loose and ill fitting, and I don't want to be seen in them anywhere. ...

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