Up close with Maestro Kevin, celebrity stylist


For those of you in Singapore, if you have some time today and you’re in the mood to be entertained beauty wise, go and catch Maestro Kevin, the Taiwanese celebrity stylist made popular by the beauty program Queen or Ladies First (女人我最大). I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching him in an up close demonstration session at…

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Korean beauty tips on how to cleanse your face


I just came across an article from Bangkok Post featuring world-renowned Korean make-up artist Lee Hyun Ah who has worked on various Korean celebrities including Rain to television series princess Yoon Eun Hye. In the article, Lee shared the secrets behind Korean divas’ beauty and I particularly found her comments on the cleansing routine worth highlighting….

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Korean beauty secrets revealed


At the DIY skincare creation workshop I attended, the Korean trainer told us that women in her country are very particular about their beauty and would make sure that they’re all well groomed from head to toe even when they’re just heading to the supermarket. I was also told that most of them prefer to…

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DIY natural skin care workshop


(Pretty? I made these myself!) I’ve always wanted to learn more about creating my own cosmetics but didn’t know of any suitable workshops or courses that I can attend here in Singapore. But thanks to Fr3b, I finally attended a DIY workshop conducted by Jayeon Miyin and made my own BB cream as well as…

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