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BRTC BB Cream available for S$55 at Watsons

brtc bb cream BRTC BB Cream available for S$55 at Watsons

Since my coverage about Korean BB Cream or Blemish Balm Cream last September, our local market has seen more of the product from brands like The Face Shop, Missha and Skin Food. And now, besides the Korean beauty stores, you can also purchase BB Cream off department stores like John Little which carry the Lotree BB Cream as well as Watsons which sells Rojukiss BB Cream and most recently, the coveted BRTC BB Cream.

Pretty feminine Korean fashion wear

2524287592 1eea30d1db o Pretty feminine Korean fashion wear

My impression of Korean ladies based on my visits to that country some years back is they are very well dressed.  In fact, I thought they were rather formal in their dressing.  The office ladies whom I interacted in the past wore suits mainly, though most of them seem to like showing off their legs quite a bit.   However, based on what I’ve seen from the media these few years, this seems to be changing.  Korean fashion wear is looking more feminine, using details like laces, ruffles, bows with cuttings that emphasize the body shape.

Yun Eun Hye for Korean fashion house Joinus

2250579061 41b7f79319 o Yun Eun Hye for Korean fashion house Joinus

Those interested in Korean fashion may find some inspiration for sophisticated corporate wear through these apparel from Joinus modeled by Yun Eun Hye of the K-drama hit Coffee Prince. 

The Koreans seem to favor contrast, which is achieved mainly through dark colors llike black, navy blue and red or silver metalics combined with colorful abstract geometric prints.  They look good on Yun Eun Hye here but some of the designs are kind of dated to me.  Remind me of the clothes from OG!

Reviews on various brands of BB Cream

bb cream Reviews on various brands of BB Cream

Following my last entry about BB Cream: the new rage in foundation,  I started seeing a lot more reviews on the product.  BB Cream is short for Blemish Balm Cream which is said to provide excellent coverage as a foundation as well as to regenerate the skin. Of the many reviews, I thought Kimoko did a good job because she’s such a BB cream addict!  She has personally tested as many as 10 different BB creams from different brands. My gosh! Here’s a list of what she has tested so far: