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Mineral makeup is good for my skin

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I’ve been using mineral makeup for 6 months now and I’m mighty pleased with the results.  Not only does it give me a more natural look, the foundation is better for my skin and doesn’t clog up my pores at all. 

Everyday Minerals Concealer

1471067001 377752f530 o Everyday Minerals Concealer

Of the free sample makeup kit that arrived from Everyday Minerals, my favourite was the Multi-tasking Concealer.  I didn’t have a good experience using mineral concealer before and therefore was surprised how well this particular one agreed with my skin tone.   I could even use it to replace my existing undereye concealer.  Totally lovely!

Natural look with mineral makeup

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Since I have written so much about the wonders of mineral makeup, I thought I should post a picture of myself to prove the point.  This is a picture of me, before and after using mineral makeup.  Can you see the difference? 

I consider this a natural look, quite light actually, and yet I think it made me glow with some radiance.  So what exactly did I used?

  • YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch under my eyes.

Foundation to match skin undertone

1262178110 c93705fc90 o Foundation to match skin undertone

Although choosing the right foundation for our face is no rocket science, it can still get quite tricky.  While we always strive to pick the shade closest to our skintone, it is not always easy to do so and the wrong shade can make us look completely faded, muddy or ashy.  

Like for me, I only realised recently that I not only have to pick the right color for my complexion, but also be able to identify my correct skin undertone and choose the right shade to match it.