Come enjoy some tender loving care with eco.kid

eco.kid organics for kids Come enjoy some tender loving care with eco.kid
While I’m not a strict purist when it comes to using green products for everything, I tend to choose natural or organic products for my son. I’m not saying that my choice is definitely better but it’s just something I prefer especially knowing that his skin is far more delicate than mine. Besides being likely to be more sensitive to synthetic and and aggressive ingredients, I recently learned that my son’s skin and scalp probably produce six times less oil on a daily basis than mine. So it is good he has his own kids’ products which are biologically friendlier formulations made with his young skin in mind.

BEE DO…Jo Lauren Baby Skin Care & Bath To The Rescue

Jo Lauren Baby Bath Collection BEE DO...Jo Lauren Baby Skin Care & Bath To The Rescue
Baby’s skin got problem? Then it’s time to bring in Minion Dave! O-O Okay, I’m just kidding. While Dave is intelligent, kind, caring and funny, he probably can’t do much to ease baby’s discomfort. In this case, Jo Lauren, a baby skin care and bath collection made with edible ingredients good enough to put in the mouth might be a better answer to baby’s trouble and mommy’s distress. And while baby’s at it, mommy can also give the products a go. Talk about one product for the benefit of two.

Baby Boo Organic Chamomile & Geranium Cleanser

baby boo bubbly cleanser Baby Boo Organic Chamomile & Geranium Cleanser

I’m probably one who is easily led by my nose going by how I choose my products. When it comes to facial or body cleansers, smell is of utmost importance for me; a product that smells good to me will get into my good books easily. Like this Baby Boo Organic Chamomile and Geranium Bubbly Cleanser – when I first took a whiff of the scent, I knew I just had to give it a go no matter.

Family-friendly Original Sprout products & a giveaway

Orginal Sprout Family friendly Original Sprout products & a giveaway

A new category titled “Mom & Kid” has been created because I realized that I’ve actually been reviewing quite a number of baby products that are also suitable for adults. Like today’s review is a new addition to the category because this range, Original Sprout, is definitely a family-friendly range as they are stated to be formulated for babies and up! (^_^)