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Celeb-Secret: Go Hyun Jung uses salt water for acne

Go Hyun Jung Salt Water Beauty Secret Celeb Secret: Go Hyun Jung uses salt water for acne

Go Hyun Jung, the highly acclaimed Korean actress who was also a runner up for Miss Korea in 1989, has always been admired for her youthful appearance. She shared many beauty tips in her skin care book titled Go Hyun-Jung’s Texture, which was a bestseller with 30,000 copies of the first edition all sold out in just two days of its launch in 2011. The book sold out so quickly because many were interested in her beauty secrets and one of her tips include using salt to treat breakouts. I did an online search on the topic and it appears that many have had success with this relatively unknown beauty secret.

Celeb-Secret: Kim Nam Joo clean pores with green tea

Kim Nam Joo DIY Beauty Secret Celeb Secret: Kim Nam Joo clean pores with green tea
My face seems to like a variety of beverages. Currently it’s Pu’er tea but for a period of time, I was using a DIY green tea rinse for my face. Just that after awhile, I couldn’t keep up with the daily usage of green tea powder and I stop drinking the tea too. But it’s a great facial rinse and is still one of my favorite today. Apparently, it’s also a favorite for Korean actress Kim Nam Joo who is fond of using green tea to wash her face and to keep her pores looking clean and clear.

Celeb-Secret: Maggie Cheung stays slim with sea salt

maggie cheung stay slim beauty secret Celeb Secret: Maggie Cheung stays slim with sea salt
I was reading the papers the other day and caught a glimpse of the beauty secret of Maggie Cheung, an ex-Hong Kong beauty queen and a rather famous actress. Some of her more memorable movies include In The Mood For Love and 2046. Anyway, according to the article, she jumpstarts her day with a glass of warm water every morning. Well, I got curious and tried to find out more and it seems the news isn’t exactly right because various sources are reporting that it’s not just warm water she’s drinking but it’s really warm water with sea salt every morning on an empty stomach. Don’t ask me how she can drink salty water but apparently, this daily morning routine has been keeping the 49-year-old actress slim.

Celeb-Secret: Song Hye Kyo loves DIY carrot flour mask

Song Hye Kyo Beauty Secret Celeb Secret: Song Hye Kyo loves DIY carrot flour mask
I don’t watch K-dramas but there are a few Korean celebrities I love. Song Hye Kyo is one of them. That’s why you find me using a lot of her pictures on this blog. Anyway, today, I’m sharing more than just her picture. I’m going to share with you one of her beauty secrets and it’s a homemade DIY beauty tip I read from Soompi! It’s really easy to rehash and the ingredients are probably right there in your kitchen now. Ready? Let’s get on!