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Green Beauty: natural doesn’t mean non-irritating

cleansers Green Beauty: natural doesnt mean non irritating

I’ve been reading quite a number of reports of how some people got their eyes stung after using certain facial cleansers and I really had no idea what that meant until recently. You see, two of the cleansers that I’ve been asked to try had stung my eyes. These are products in the natural category, said to contain certified organic ingredients, and I was rather surprised they caused irritations to my eyes. I don’t have sensitive eyes and I don’t recall any facial cleansers, even those in the non-natural category, stinging my eyes like these two.

Green Beauty: benzyl alcohol in organic skincare

Benzyl Alcohol Green Beauty: benzyl alcohol in organic skincare

Have you noticed that quite a number of natural and organic skin care products include benzyl alcohol in their formulations? I’ve noticed this ingredient is often used as a preservative even though it is often said to be toxic. Or is it?

Green Beauty: choosing GMO-free beauty products

GMO Free Products Green Beauty: choosing GMO free beauty products

Is GMO-free important to you when it comes to skin care products? It wasn’t even something I thought much about until I started this Green Beauty feature, and I guess some of you are like me so I thought I’ll blog about it so that we can learn this together. First of all, GMO stands for Genetic Modified Organisms and it really means plants and animals that have undergone genetic modification where selected individual genes are transferred from one organism into another via genetic engineering or biotechnology.

Green Beauty: loving Marie Veronique Organics

Marie Veronique Organics Anti Aging Body Oil1 Green Beauty: loving Marie Veronique Organics

Here is our final sponsor for the VivaBella Green Beauty Box Giveaway – Marie Veronique Organics and as most of you know, my favorite brand! I’ve been using Marie Veronique Organic Products since 2008 and have no plans to stop using them. While I may test new products from time to time, some of their products are still staples in my daily skin care routine.