DIY Beauty: manuka honey facial massage

manuka honey

I bought these little bottles of Manuka Honey at The World Of Organic Skincare because they were on sale.  These come with UMF10 only but the bottles are so cute that I couldn’t resist them.  Anyway, they turn out to be really handy for a DIY session of facial massage! Dip the small bottle into a bowl…

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DIY Beauty: a simple homemade deodorant

baking soda homemade deodorant

I was really excited to find out that tea tree essential oil, which has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, is good at resolving unpleasant odor and hence, can work as a natural deodorant. I was slightly skeptical about the effectiveness but still, I tried first by applying a few drops of the oil neat on my…

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DIY Beauty: grounded rice body scrub

homemade rice scrub

I sometimes like to grind my rice grains to make porridge.  So while doing that the other day, I decided to grind a bit more to test how the grounded rice would work as a body scrub.  And because they weren’t that fine, I didn’t want to use it on my face. Great for exfoliating…

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DIY Beauty: Matcha green tea facial mask

Matcha green tea facial mask

I love drinking Matcha powdered green tea! But little did I know that it makes such a wonderful facial mask! Absolutely gorgeous! And the best part is that this mask is easy to use because in addition to the Matcha powdered green tea, all you need is mineral or distilled water! Easy-to-use homemade facial mask I bought…

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