DIY Beauty: Matcha green tea facial mask

Matcha green tea facial mask

I love drinking Matcha powdered green tea! But little did I know that it makes such a wonderful facial mask! Absolutely gorgeous! And the best part is that this mask is easy to use because in addition to the Matcha powdered green tea, all you need is mineral or distilled water! Easy-to-use homemade facial mask I bought…

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DIY Beauty: milk and oats hand soak

DIY oats and milk hand soak

It’s been awhile since I’ve tried any homemade remedies because I was really busy for the past few weeks to experiment with new recipes. Anyway, I’m making a comeback on this series with expired milk! Okay, the milk didn’t turn bad but it was over the use-by-date by a couple of days. I thought it was…

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DIY Beauty: glitter express manicure

glitter nail express

Until last Friday, I had no idea what I could do with cosmetic glitters. I remember owning one of these some years ago but apart from dabbing them on parts of the face, I didn’t know what else I could do with them. But after attending a workshop at LA Splash, I discovered these are…

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