DIY Beauty: L’Occitane Ma Creme Nature


My interest in L’Occitane was recently renewed after noticing that more of their products are indeed organic, with certification from ECOCERT. Most recently, they launched an interesting product in US and it’s the Ma Crème Nature which is a 100% natural origin moisturizing cream that you can prepare at home and keep in your refrigerator….

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DIY Beauty: homemade tea facial steam


I suddenly had an urge to steam my face this week even though I’m paranoid and not particularly fond of this activity. It must be because of a zit that appeared on my chin that’s making me desperate. So I thought perhaps I should steam my face a little before using the Herbal Healing Clay…

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DIY Beauty: mixing a new nail polish color

DIY nail polish color

I’ve got a couple of nail polishes that I hardly use because I don’t like their colors on my nails. I bought these because they looked good on the website but somehow when painted, didn’t flatter my toe nails. So they’ve been lying pitifully in the drawer, waiting for my favor.  Yesterday, as I was going…

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DIY Beauty: stress relief homemade recipes


I’ve been too busy to experiment with more new DIY recipes this week but have come across some interesting ones I read at that I’ll like to try. These are a series of recipes meant to help relieve our stress and they include: – Relaxing Foot Soak – Cleopatra Milk Bath – Papaya Face…

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