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DIY Beauty: Aloe Vera for deep cleansing

fresh aloe vera DIY Beauty: Aloe Vera for deep cleansing

My mum used to have numerous pots of Aloe Vera in her garden when I was younger. She would cut up the leaves of the bigger plants and make juice out of them to drink. I never drank them because I found the juice yucky. In fact, I consider the gel of Aloe Vera yucky too because of the slimy feel. However, I do know the goodness of Aloe Vera for both its health and beauty benefits and used the gel quite a bit as a teenager to apply on my wounds and burns although I’ve never resorted to using it for my pimples before.

DIY Beauty: Catherine Zeta-Jones’ secret

adv 1265 DIY Beauty: Catherine Zeta Jones secret

Is it any surprise that our celebrities who clinch big endorsements with major beauty brands actually rely on homemade recipes to upkeep their glowing skin and hair? Well, Catherine Zeta-Jones is one such celebrity who has her own homegrown beauty secrets which include rubbing honey and salt on her skin to beat wrinkles, washing her hair in beer and brushing her teeth with strawberries, apples and pineapples.

According to Mail Online, Catherine Zeta-Jones is fond of using honey and salt on her body.

DIY Beauty: cooking oil for dry hands

extra virgin olive oil DIY Beauty: cooking oil for dry hands

Due to changes in the domestic front, I’ve to do more household chores and as a result, my hands have become rather dry.  It’s not practical to keep putting on hand cream when I have to use my hands all the time plus I’m concerned about the hand cream getting in the way during food preparation.  As such, I’ve been thinking about what I can use on my hands from the kitchen.  Then it struck me that the extra virgin olive oil that I use for cooking is probably ideal.  And it is!

DIY Beauty: homemade lip exfoliant

aspirin sugar scrub DIY Beauty: homemade lip exfoliant

I don’t know what’s wrong with my lips but it’s getting dry and flaky. Although I continue to use the Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser which I wrote about to exoliate my lips but I can’t use this too frequently or my lips will get quite sore. So I decided to try the DIY lip scrub instead.