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Celeb-Secret: Song Hye Kyo loves DIY carrot flour mask

Song Hye Kyo Beauty Secret Celeb Secret: Song Hye Kyo loves DIY carrot flour mask
I don’t watch K-dramas but there are a few Korean celebrities I love. Song Hye Kyo is one of them. That’s why you find me using a lot of her pictures on this blog. Anyway, today, I’m sharing more than just her picture. I’m going to share with you one of her beauty secrets and it’s a homemade DIY beauty tip I read from Soompi! It’s really easy to rehash and the ingredients are probably right there in your kitchen now. Ready? Let’s get on!

DIY Beauty: hot facial compress for cystic acne treatment

hot facial compress DIY Beauty: hot facial compress for cystic acne treatment
Someone passed me these facial herbal compresses recently. I’d tried them before, having bought a few when I was in Bangkok. They work great for facial massage and are best used as spot treatments for cystic acne. Although the compress does not get rid of the acne, it helps the skin clear out the pimple faster when used regularly enough.

Test the compress before using

These compresses are very easy to use. I think they can be microwaved but I prefer to soak them in hot water. In fact, the instructions is to leave the compress in hot water for 5 minutes before using it on your face. To ensure the compress is suitable, it’s best to test it on your neck before using the compress over your face. The temperature should be warm, but not uncomfortable to hold against your skin.

DIY Beauty: triple-duty almond flour for face and eyes

almond milk eye mask DIY Beauty: triple duty almond flour for face and eyes
Did you know that almond flour is gluten-free and great for those who are allergic to wheat or white flour? Well, if you’re into baking, this probably isn’t news to you at all but I have no idea though. What I do know is that almond flour makes a great DIY beauty ingredient to nourish the skin and also provide gentle exfoliation. I even read that it is useful for reducing dark circles. So here, I’m going to show you a simple homemade recipe using almond flour as a face mask, face scrub and also an eye mask. Ready? Let’s go!

DIY Beauty: green papaya facial enzyme mask

DIY Papaya Face Mask DIY Beauty: green papaya facial enzyme mask
Did I mention that I don’t eat papayas? Absolutely detest the taste and the smell *yikes*. I know it’s a great beauty food but I just can’t bring myself to eat any. However, I don’t mind using some on my face because papayas make a great exfoliant. The thing is, since I don’t eat them, it’s quite hard to make a fresh papaya face mask. So the next alternative? Using papaya powder!