DIY Beauty: homemade salt bath scrub


This is my second attempt making a homemade salt bath scrub and I had a lot of fun doing it! Not only that, it was so lovely to use! In my first unsuccessful attempt, I used rock salt which were too coarse for my skin. So the second time around, I tried making using Epsom Salt purchased at S$4.60 ...

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DIY Beauty: natural acne treatments

Not everyone with acne likes the idea of using over the counter acne medications or prescription drugs as these may cause side effects for some people. In this case, natural treatments maybe a better alternative to the harsh chemical treatments as they present a more holistic approach to combat mild ...

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DIY Beauty: two anti-aging beauty fix with eggs

Eggs are really useful. Small as they are, they are nutritious when consumed and are great beauty aids. Come to think of it, eggs must be the first natural ingredient I've ever used on my face too because they are always available and are so easy to use. All you need is to break an egg, remove the ...

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