DIY Beauty: using baking soda to whiten your teeth


I'm getting hooked on DIY beauty! Because it's fun, it's healthy and it's cheap! Here's my experience with using baking soda to whiten my teeth. It works! Okay, don't expect the sort of sparkling white teeth you see on celebrities but baking soda will take off some of the coffee and tea stains and ...

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DIY Beauty: using lemon to reduce pigmentation


I've been experimenting with using different vegetables for my skin for the past week.  Simple stuff where I only need to use the juice or even rub the fruit directly on my skin.  It will take me awhile to review the results but for today, I want to talk about my experience on using lemon for ...

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Homemade natural sunscreen anyone?


Sometime ago when I was reading up about sunscreens, I learnt that there are some folks who would rather make their own sunscreens.  I was both surprised and intrigued by the idea.  So when Leon started her new beauty forum on organic and natural skincare, I immediately raised this topic and this is ...

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Keen on homemade DIY skin care?


I noticed that there is a growing trend of local women going organic in terms of skincare products. We see more of such products in Watsons and Guardian these days and that's a good sign. However, if you scrutinize the ingredient list carefully, most of them are not 100% natural or organic. Perhaps ...

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