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DIY Beauty: an indulgent Hershey’s cocoa face mask

DIY cocoa face mask DIY Beauty: an indulgent Hersheys cocoa face mask

This is THE most delicious homemade face masks I’ve whipped up ever! If you like chocolate, and you particularly like Hershey’s chocolate, let me warn you: this is very addictive to your senses! Seriously, I had to exercise severe restraint every time I made this as I really wanted so much to just slurped up the concoction. Even though I couldn’t put it in my mouth, the mere scent of this is just DIVINE! And let me tell you – this doesn’t just send my spirits soaring, it actually does make my skin glow too! No wonder Dr. Oz recommended this to be used on the fifth day of Christmas!

DIY Beauty: a fun konjac-konnyaku jelly face mask

konjac face mask DIY Beauty: a fun konjac konnyaku jelly face mask

Okay, hands up those of you who are into using the konjac sponge. I see some hands…and my is up too. All right, before some of you get too excited, we’re not going to discuss about konjac sponge today. Rather, I’m going to share with you my DIY konjac jelly face mask. I figured out that since the sponges are made with food grade konjac powder, then I suppose I’m not too far off if I use the konjac jelly powder in my DIY recipe. Afterall, the konjac sponge do smell exactly like the konjac jelly powder I have here.

DIY Beauty: how to make liquid soap from soap bar

DIY liquid soap DIY Beauty: how to make liquid soap from soap bar

I’ve been wanting to make my own liquid soap but haven’t found an easy recipe with a short ingredient list. So this is the next best thing – to create liquid soap from a soap bar. I promise you, this is a no-brainer DIY recipe and if you have tons of soap bars and don’t know what to do with them too, this is gonna be useful for you too.

DIY Beauty: how to make your own liquid foundation

DIY liquid foundation DIY Beauty: how to make your own liquid foundation

I love using liquid foundation these days and have been looking to change to a more natural formulation. However, I haven’t found one that appeals to me and in the meantime, decided to experiment making my own using mineral powder. I’ve come across some recipes and decided to try two of them. They’re pretty easy and all I need are two ingredients. One is a carrier oil and the other is a moisturizer.