DIY Beauty: 5 pointers on using homemade recipes


Okay, I love trying out homemade beauty recipes and writing my DIY Beauty features. And I know many of you like to read them too. In fact, a number of you have written to let me know that my recommendations have worked for you and I really appreciate that. However, I've been a tad concerned with ...

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DIY Beauty: make your own eyelash growth serum

DIY Eyelash Growth Serum

I'll love for my eyelashes to be longer but the truth is, I am very lazy when it comes to applying anything on them. However, surprisingly, I noticed that my eyelashes hardly drop and I seem to be growing new lashes on my lower lid, where there were no lashes in the first place. At first I thought ...

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DIY Beauty: 3 different homemade deodorant recipes


I don't know about you but deodorant is a necessity in my beauty routine. While I'm not one who is always particular about ingredients because of health reasons, I have to admit that some of the ingredients in deodorants purchased off the counters do scare me somewhat because I have to use this item ...

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DIY Beauty: refreshing mint leaves face mask


I had a totally different plan for the two packs of mint leaves I purchased from the supermarket; they were not supposed to be used on my face. However, I had forgotten to put them in the fridge and by the time I remembered, I could only salvage some of the leaves from one of the packs. So in the ...

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