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DIY Beauty: 3 different homemade deodorant recipes

DIY Deodorants DIY Beauty: 3 different homemade deodorant recipes

I don’t know about you but deodorant is a necessity in my beauty routine. While I’m not one who is always particular about ingredients because of health reasons, I have to admit that some of the ingredients in deodorants purchased off the counters do scare me somewhat because I have to use this item daily. Sure, there are deodorants with more agreeable ingredients off the counters too but they usually cost more and don’t always work. So I’ve found that my best bet is really to make my own homemade deodorant.

DIY Beauty: refreshing mint leaves face mask

Mint Mask DIY Beauty: refreshing mint leaves face mask

I had a totally different plan for the two packs of mint leaves I purchased from the supermarket; they were not supposed to be used on my face. However, I had forgotten to put them in the fridge and by the time I remembered, I could only salvage some of the leaves from one of the packs. So in the end, I didn’t have enough mint leaves for my initial recipe and ended up doing this one instead – a mint leaves face mask.

DIY Beauty: soothe-me-calm-me lavender hair rinse

DIY Lavender Hair Rinse DIY Beauty: soothe me calm me lavender hair rinse

Remember my rosemary hair tonic rinse? Well, I wanted to try another new tonic but because I couldn’t get hold of the ingredient, I decided to try using my dried lavender buds as a hair rinse. I read that lavender can help promote hair growth for those who lose their hair due to alopecia areata but I really wasn’t trying to grow more hair with this hair rinse. I simply wanted to enjoy the lavender aroma when I washed my hair in the evenings. (^-^)

DIY Beauty: organic wax strips to rid unwanted hair

DIY Waxing DIY Beauty: organic wax strips to rid unwanted hair

I believe the idea of waxing is no longer a novelty, as more young ladies are making an effort to visit waxing parlors either for that bikini wax or to remove excessive body hair. While the packages and prices in these waxing parlors can be quite steep and a deterrent for some, others could be avoiding such services altogether because they’re just uncomfortable to have a stranger wax hair off their intimate body area. If this is the case for you, why not consider making your own affordable wax and have a do-it-yourself session at home then?