Benefits of 100% unrefined Shea Butter


I ordered the 10g Shea Butter sample from Yours Essentially recently because my son had some rashes around his mouth due to an outbreak from a food allergy. Because it is 100% unrefined, I didn't have to worry about artificial fragrances or additional preservatives and was free to apply it to his ...

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DIY Beauty: Catherine Zeta-Jones’ secret


Is it any surprise that our celebrities who clinch big endorsements with major beauty brands actually rely on homemade recipes to upkeep their glowing skin and hair? Well, Catherine Zeta-Jones is one such celebrity who has her own homegrown beauty secrets which include rubbing honey and salt on her ...

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Expert guide to natural beautiful skin


I came across a good read on Times Online, titled Natural Beauty: An Expert Guide To Beautiful Skin which is based on Margo Marrone's new book The Organic Pharmacy. If you're into natural and organic skincare, you may like to read it if you haven't already done so. Besides learning that rose is ...

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DIY Beauty: cooking oil for dry hands


Due to changes in the domestic front, I've to do more household chores and as a result, my hands have become rather dry.  It's not practical to keep putting on hand cream when I have to use my hands all the time plus I'm concerned about the hand cream getting in the way during food preparation.  As ...

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