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Review: Nvey Eco Organic Lipstick

nvey eco lipstick Review: Nvey Eco Organic Lipstick

I was quite happy to see that Sephora in Singapore carries some natural and organic beauty brands. I haven’t heard or read about the Nvey Eco organic range of makeup but decided to pick up their organic lipstick to try out.

Muted Coral Pink Shine
Although there was a fair selection of colors but I still thought the options were quite limited and it took me awhile to find something suitable. In the end, I picked up 370 which is a muted coral pink shine because I wanted a slightly different color from my usual.

DIY Beauty: homemade foot soak & scrub

foot spa DIY Beauty:  homemade foot soak & scrub

Three weeks ago I wrote about using Epsom salt as a body scrub. The same salt can also be used to soak tired feet and act as a foot scrub too. And it’s really easy!

DIY Beauty: making Korean BB Cream

diy bb cream DIY Beauty: making Korean BB Cream

I’ve always wanted a BB cream but have stopped short of getting one because I wasn’t very keen on the long list of ingredients seen on the packaging. So of course I was elated when I finally had a chance to make my own BB cream during the DIY natural skin care workshop at Jayeon Miyin.  It was the most interesting of the three products we made that day, and it was also the most challenging.  Here I’ll share with you the recipe but unless you’re pretty well versed in making skin care products already, I’ll suggest you make this with some sort expert guidiance or attend the DIY workshop.

Review: Yuan handmade natural soaps

yuan soaps Review: Yuan handmade natural soaps

I’ve always love using soaps when it comes to bathing. So my interest was piqued when I saw Yuan Soap (阿原肥皂) in Living Pharmacy at AMK Hub. However, I found them a tad expensive especially in view that they are made in Taiwan. It didn’t help that I haven’t heard nor read about them and so was naturally uncompelled to spend like S$9.90 – $12.90 on a piece of soap.