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Review: Yuan handmade natural soaps

yuan soaps Review: Yuan handmade natural soaps

I’ve always love using soaps when it comes to bathing. So my interest was piqued when I saw Yuan Soap (阿原肥皂) in Living Pharmacy at AMK Hub. However, I found them a tad expensive especially in view that they are made in Taiwan. It didn’t help that I haven’t heard nor read about them and so was naturally uncompelled to spend like S$9.90 – $12.90 on a piece of soap.

DIY natural skin care workshop

handmade cosmetics DIY natural skin care workshop

(Pretty? I made these myself!)

I’ve always wanted to learn more about creating my own cosmetics but didn’t know of any suitable workshops or courses that I can attend here in Singapore. But thanks to Fr3b, I finally attended a DIY workshop conducted by Jayeon Miyin and made my own BB cream as well as bath soaps and cleansing oil!  I spent three hour at the session and it was really well worth the time because in the end, I brought home natural skin care products specially customized for my skin type!

DIY Beauty: homemade salt bath scrub

diy epsom salt scrub DIY Beauty: homemade salt bath scrub

This is my second attempt making a homemade salt bath scrub and I had a lot of fun doing it! Not only that, it was so lovely to use! In my first unsuccessful attempt, I used rock salt which were too coarse for my skin. So the second time around, I tried making using Epsom Salt purchased at S$4.60 from Guardian Pharmacy and it turned out perfect!

Can you use oil around your eyes?

oil eye cream Can you use oil around your eyes?

Looks like I have to eat my words because what I am about to share today is contradicting what I’ve highlighted in my earlier entry about milia seeds. In the entry, I mentioned that I had developed a milia seed after using Rose Hip Oil around my eyes and my conclusion was that oil should not be used around the eyes to prevent milia seeds from forming.