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DIY natural skin care workshop

handmade cosmetics DIY natural skin care workshop

(Pretty? I made these myself!)

I’ve always wanted to learn more about creating my own cosmetics but didn’t know of any suitable workshops or courses that I can attend here in Singapore. But thanks to Fr3b, I finally attended a DIY workshop conducted by Jayeon Miyin and made my own BB cream as well as bath soaps and cleansing oil!  I spent three hour at the session and it was really well worth the time because in the end, I brought home natural skin care products specially customized for my skin type!

DIY Beauty: homemade salt bath scrub

diy epsom salt scrub DIY Beauty: homemade salt bath scrub

This is my second attempt making a homemade salt bath scrub and I had a lot of fun doing it! Not only that, it was so lovely to use! In my first unsuccessful attempt, I used rock salt which were too coarse for my skin. So the second time around, I tried making using Epsom Salt purchased at S$4.60 from Guardian Pharmacy and it turned out perfect!

Can you use oil around your eyes?

oil eye cream Can you use oil around your eyes?

Looks like I have to eat my words because what I am about to share today is contradicting what I’ve highlighted in my earlier entry about milia seeds. In the entry, I mentioned that I had developed a milia seed after using Rose Hip Oil around my eyes and my conclusion was that oil should not be used around the eyes to prevent milia seeds from forming.

DIY Beauty: natural acne treatments

natural acne home remedies DIY Beauty: natural acne treatments

Not everyone with acne likes the idea of using over the counter acne medications or prescription drugs as these may cause side effects for some people. In this case, natural treatments maybe a better alternative to the harsh chemical treatments as they present a more holistic approach to combat mild acne. So what are the natural remedies available?

Here are some suggestions on natural acne treatments based on what I’ve read from Acne Treatment Guru as well as what I already know.