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Rose Hip Oil for beautiful healthy skin

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I heard about rose hip oil from a friend two years ago but didn’t have a chance to find out more or try out related products.  The closest I got to was drinking rose hip tea.  Recently my interest in this oil was renewed again after I came across many women raving about it in the beauty forums. 

Rose hip oil or rose hip seed oil is extracted from the seeds of a rose bush that grows wild in Chile and South Africa.  The pressed oil of the rose hip seed, often called rosa mosqueta by the natives, is light textured and reddish golden brown in color. 

EO Body Lotion French Lavender

1328953034 d1a9f290d0 o EO Body Lotion French Lavender My fave organic skincare product supplier at People’s Park brought in a whole lot of products from EO recently and since I had a good experience with the the EO Lemon Verbena Shower Gel, I decided to get the EO Everyday Body Lotion French Lavendar this time round.

I love this stuff.  While technically it’s called a lotion, but in reality, I would call this a cream.  The texture is rich but is well absorbed by my skin leaving no greasy film.  And the smell is gorgeously fresh and not overpowering at all. 

Zia Fresh Papaya Enzyme Peel

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I was introduced to Zia Fresh Papaya Enzyme Mask about three months ago. It came highly recommended. And I was really looking forward to some positive radiance and glow after using this mask but sad to say, it didn’t agree with my skin.

Jason Ester-C Super-C Cleanser

486213034 1754132749 o Jason Ester C Super C CleanserI was introduced to Jason Ester-C, a range of organic skincare that contain a particular type of natural vitamin C said to be four times stronger and longer lasting in the body than regular ascorbic acid vitamin C. 

The product range fights free radicals and is good for combating against signs of aging.  It is reportedly popular with celebrities like Reese Witherspoon who has been spotted snapping up the products at an organic store.