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Natural breast firming cream: are you game?

breast firming cream Natural breast firming cream: are you game?

Some months ago, I received an email asking if I was willing to try a natural herbal cream that will increase my breast size. I deliberated over the offer for awhile but decided to turn it down. I used to be a cup C but shrank to a cup A promptly after I stopped breast feeding my son. So yes, I do need some help to augment my bustline but I just wasn’t ready to experiment at that time.

Must you wear matching bra & panty?

pierre cardin underwear Must you wear matching bra & panty?

I usually wait till the Chinese New Year to buy new underwear for myself and this year is no exception. It’s usually the first thing I think of but the last thing I get. This year, I bought a number of underwear because there were various sales going on at different locations. Since yellow has been announced has the color of the year, I decided to get myself some yellow undies since I can’t take to yellow clothes. Heh.

Breast boost without surgery and implants

2375340519 b0bcb3d94e o Breast boost without surgery and implants

Do bigger breasts give us better self-esteem?  While I don’t think so, but a study conducted by the University of Florida reports that women who underwent breast augmentations experienced better sexuality in addition to enhanced self-esteem levels.

Clinical assistant professor Cynthia Figueroa-Haas, Ph.D. surveyed 84 women who received breast augmentation surgery. While these women did not have notably low self-confidence or poor sexual function prior to surgery, the women showed improvements in both of these aspects following surgery.

Brazilian wax to keep the nether region tidy

2263476223 8c1d1ba05b o Brazilian wax to keep the nether region tidy

Being in Asia, it’s impossible to miss reading about the Edison Chen scandal mania that is so riveting within the Asian celebrity scene currently especially with the hundreds of photos that are out there on the Net.  Some bits of the information are so hilarious, like someone who commented why Edison would enjoy women who looked like goats from their waist down.  The women, in particular Cecilia Cheung and Gillian Chung were lambasted not for the racy pictures, but for the fact that they didn’t go for Brazilian Waxes to keep their nether region clean and tidy.  And this got me really curious.  Is Brazilian wax the norm now?