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Pink October: Breasts screening

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As part of the awareness for Pink October, I’ll like to share the story of my first breast screening via mammography done about 7 years ago.

I was ordered to go for a mammography after the gynae whom I consulted at that time for a Pap smear said she felt a slight lump after groping at my boobs.  

Vivian Hsu Mode Marie Bra CM

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Check out Vivian Hsu’s ample and perky bosoms in the sexy Mode Marie (曼黛瑪璉) Bra CM here!  

And while I’m on the bra topic, here’s a tip when you’re buying a brassiere.

As we age, our breasts do lose some of its initial firmness.  So when buying a new bra, make sure it fits you in the loosest hook. That way you can tighten the bra to the second and third hook as the bra ages and still retain the firmness and the lift when you put it on. 

Avoid Visible Bra Strap faux pas

498157720 171980b431 m Avoid Visible Bra Strap faux pas

I was watching a video interview this afternoon and the woman who was featured had a stray bra strap dangling by the side of her arm.  It was such an eye sore. 

Because this was supposed to be a professional interview and it was not like she looked so hot with her bra strap untucked.  And the funniest thing was to come back home to read about how Visible Bra Straps are the fashion faux pas this summer from Daily Mail.

Bra wearing and breast cancer

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via bigpictures.com

Victoria Beckham has been criticized by US weekly for her penchant to let her breasts “hang free” and not put on a brassiere while in public.  In an open letter on their website addressed to Victoria, the editors wrote this:

“You’re a woman with perky breasts that apparently like to breathe. But keep shunning that bra and in five years you’ll end up with pendulums.”