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How to find your true bra size in 8 easy steps

vivian hsu How to find your true bra size in 8 easy steps
Look at what I’ve found from atchinese.com.  Vivian Hsu posing pretty for a lingerie ad in Taiwan.  Her first undergarment endorsement that is fetching her lots of moolah obviously.  And it’s such a coincidence because I was just reading tips on choosing the right bra from this new bra book available for free download at Figleaves.com. 

It seems that over 70% of women are wearing the wrong bra size especially with so many different styles and choices.  So this informative book aims to educate women on how to wear a bra correctly.  According to it, a correct fitting bra should looks like this:

Silicon bosom boosters

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If you want that extra cleavage, you don’t have to squeeze them like the girl in the picture.  Just insert Flaunt Bosom Boosters, a skin-safe silicon material into your bras and voila, you get that added boost instantly.  And the best part is you even get to choose them in three sizes: original, dramatic or ultimate.  

While I have read about their products sometime ago, I hadn’t really come breast-to-breast with Flaunt’s interesting line of boobs enhancement products until yesterday.