Review: UV Natural Sunscreen SPF30+


I know some of you are waiting for me to review the UV Natural Sunscreen SPF30+ so here goes, after having tested it for a month. Ideal formulation for complete sun protection The first thing I will say is that the formulation of this sunscreen give me peace of mind because of the the high ...

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Citrus oils increase UV damage in sunscreens


Last week I received a comment from Erik Kreider in one of my posts about the danger of citrus oils in sunscreen formulas. Erik by the way is a pharmaceutical scientist who created the Kabana skincare range including their zinc oxide based sunscreen. Citrus oils actually increase UV damage ...

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Preview: UV Natural Sunscreen SPF30+

Oooh...I'm feeling really excited about the UV Natural Sunscreen SPF30+ I've just received because I think this is the perfect sunscreen for myself! It took me a couple of weeks to search for this and I happened to stumble upon it thanks to a reader who had asked me about an organic toothpaste! I'm ...

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Nanoparticles in Badger SPF30 Sunscreen

In my last entry about sunscreen, I discussed about nanaparticles and one of the products mentioned was Badger SPF30 Sunscreen. A spokesperson from Badger clarified on the article and because I know a number of you use this sunscreen, I thought it's a good idea to highlight some parts of the ...

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