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Can sunscreens double up as moisturizers?

2657305957 1a6f65f94c o Can sunscreens double up as moisturizers?

I’m not sure if this comes as a surprise but I don’t use a moisturizer in the day at all.  On a daily basis, I apply a vitamin C serum on my face and sunscreen after cleansing my face.  Is that sufficient?  Well, yes for me.  I have a combination skin type with quite an oily T-zone.  I’ve found through experience that using a moisturizer with a sunscreen doesn’t work well.  My face felt so heavy with all the moisturizing ingredients plus makeup and so I’ve been skipping that step for quite awhile now.

Sunscreen reviews on Garnier & Eucerin

2648928292 e3b19e3521 o Sunscreen reviews on Garnier & Eucerin

I love features on sunscreens but it’s never possible for me to test out all the products out there.  There are some products I probably won’t get a chance to review.  Here are reviews on two products which Paris Beaverbanks of My Women Stuff have recently written and are probably of interest to some of you.

Garnier UV Protect SPF 50 Sunscreen with Mexoryl
Eucerin White Solution Whitening Extra Treatment Fluid SPF40 (with Tinosorb S)

Keys Soap Solar Rx Sunblock: still the best

2635583143 b648485837 o Keys Soap Solar Rx Sunblock: still the best

I should be pleased that I am using the safest and most effective sunscreen - Keys Soap Solar Rx Therapeutic Sunblock SPF30 (Broad Spectrum Sunblock UVA & UVB Sun Protection with Nano Zinc-Oxide) – as rated by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) according to their latest investigations into 952 name-based sunscreens.   In fact, I also own Lavera SPF40 Neutral Sunblock, rated the sixth safest and most effective in the list.

Ingredients that can cause sun sensitivity

skincare ingredients Ingredients that can cause sun sensitivity

I’m a bit unhappy because I discovered a brand new pigmented spot near the corner of my left eye.  This, despite the skin care products I’ve been using!  I’ve been mulling over the reason and I think I found the answer in a little window located to the left side of my bed.  While it is covered, there is a little gap that lets in some early morning sunlight.  I think that’s causing the damage.  But the question is, why wasn’t there any noticeable damage before as the window has always been there?